All airlines flying from Aruba (AUA) to Maracaibo (MAR).

Map for flight from Aruba to Maracaibo
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Direct Flights:
Tue,Thu,Fri,Sun 17:00 Aruba (AUA) 17:30 Maracaibo (MAR)
Aruba Airlines AG 102 Non-stop Airbus A320 (320) 1:00
Tue-Thu,Sun 12:20 Aruba (AUA) 12:40 Maracaibo (MAR)
Avior 9V 1213 Non-stop Boeing 737-200 (732) 0:50
Direct Codeshare Flights:
Wed,Sat 20:40 Aruba (AUA) 21:00 Maracaibo (MAR)
Insel Air 7I 7720 Non-stop McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (M83) 0:50
Codeshare flight, operated by InselAir Aruba.(8I 720)